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The majority of traditional event elements can be adapted to a new virtual format, it just looks a bit different.  Many silent auctions have already been online for years, heartfelt appeals can be turned into powerful documentary-style videos, and your attendees can still feel those VIP it just comes in the mail!  

Traditional Event


Virtual Event

  • Can be done live or pre-recorded

  • Shortened to 30 minutes or less

  • Strong messaging pulled throughout

  • Becomes engaging and interactive

Silent Auction

  • Goes online to bid

  • Many platforms to chose from depending on additional content needed

  • Can support your ticketing process

  • Can support your Fund-A-Need

  • Can even be a platform for your program

Live Auction

  • Different thought process: what can be made into a virtual experience?  Where can people travel locally?  Can expiration dates be open-ended?

  • Live Auction items become Signature Items

  • Signature Items are bid on just like Silent Auction Items

  • Depending on platform, can also be an interactive experience with virtual or hybrid events


  • Goes online along with Silent Auction

  • Greater need for building relationships early in the process to boost the online appeal 

  • Depending on platform, can also be an interactive experience with virtual or hybrid events


  • Keep people engaged to keep the interested

  • What fun interactive elements can you add?  Trivia?  Word Clouds? Cocktail Mixing?  Dance Party?  VIP Bags?  The sky's the limit! 

  • Don't miss the opportunity to add chats and Q&A sessions


  • A whole new world of possibilities, literally!

  • With the ability of your program to be shown anytime and anywhere, leverage this possibility with your sponsors

  • And don't overlook the possibility of an entire new audience!

Food & Beverages

  • Now come in the form of partnerships to support local businesses

  • There are many ways to get specialty food and beverages into the hands of your VIPs or attendees

  • Opportunities to create a stand out experience

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