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2020 has changed the event landscape, effectively bringing traditional events to a standstill.  The need for fundraising is greater than ever.  Fundraising can still be achieved, it just looks different.  Some traditional elements can easily be duplicated while others are significantly more challenging.  Sometimes it can start feeling like a rabbit hole.  That's where we come in.  We have quickly built the tools and navigated this new world for you.  We are here to help you determine everything from the best format to the ideal platform for your event.

Ready to jump in?

Image by Evgeniy Sholokh

Pivoting from a multi-faceted, in-person wine tasting event, to a virtual, interactive, equally-multi-faceted wine tasting event is no easy task! Erika lead our team through this amazing transformation which resulted in an event that produced revenue results on par with pre-pandemic numbers. Erika’s experience with virtual events, coupled with her organizational and leadership skills, helped deliver key partnership development, a quality guest experience, and fundraising results that exceeded expectations. We are grateful for our continued partnership with Erika and LDS Events!

-Jennifer H. - Development Director

Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery

Erika’s creative event direction and leadership made our 1st ever Virtual Event a huge success! Reimagining our 25 year annual event tradition was not a small task, not only did we reach our goals, but we stood out in the Twin Cities Fundraising Community for having a unique and vibrant concept that brought in many more participants than an in person event, we are so grateful.  Thank you Erika!

-Mary A. - Advancement Officer

East Side Neighborhood Services

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