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Non-Profit Services


Tired of the same old galas?  La Deux Say Events & Design, LLC is focused on creating memorable and lasting events with clever solutions.  We create unique events with competence and confidence which will effectively promote your brand and organization.  Whether you need full service event planning or short term logistical assistance, we can help create that unique event that will engage new donors and cultivate lifelong partnerships.  


*Individual Consulting & Planning

*Donor Cultivation

*Budget Development

*Vendor Negotiations

*Event Execution

*Post-Event Evaluation


Going virtual?


We've got you covered!  Now that virtual events are a true reality we're here to help 

with elements such as:  


*Programming & scripting

*Online silent and "not-so-live" auction software

*Virtual sponsorships

*Unique elements to make your event stand out!

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